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How to unlock SFD protected control units on Android?
How to unlock SFD protected control units on Android?
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To simplify SFD protection usage, we have created SFD auto-unlock feature which will make SFD protection almost invisible. If SFD auto-unlock is turned on and you try to change Long coding, Adaptation or use One-Click Apps in locked control unit OBDeleven application will automatically ask for the SFD token from Volkswagen servers, unlock control unit, and store value which you would like to change. You will need to have a PRO or ULTIMATE plan in order to use this.

WARNING: the unlock of SFD will not work if you are located in China.

Follow the instructions on how to unlock SFD:

  • Connect to your vehicle and open the list of control units by pressing:

  • Choose the needed control unit. Normally you will see more control units in the list, for this example, we will be using the Gateway control unit

  • Scroll down to the list and you will find "SFD Protection". Start the unlock of SFD by pressing:

  • OBDeleven can automatically detect that the control unit is locked by SFD protection when you go to Long coding, Adaptations, or using One-Click Apps and try to write data but the control unit is still locked. In this situation, the application will ask you to authorize the SFD unlock procedure.

  • Proceed the steps by pressing "UNLOCK"

  • To proceed, you will need to confirm email (if you have not done it yet), turn on Two-Step Authentication, and update account information.

  • Continue by pressing:

  • Start the activation of 2-step authentication by pressing:

  • If you are having issues activating 2-step authentication, press "Learn more" or HERE, and you will be moved to the instructions.

  • Once you activate the 2-step authentication, continue by pressing:

  • To access SFD functionality for the first time you will be asked to update your personal data*. This data is mandatory by our agreement with Volkswagen AG.

  • Proceed by pressing:

  • Provide your personal information, such as first name, last name, country, and phone number.

  • Workshop information is needed to fill in when you will be using the device in the workshop.

  • Once you will fill in the needed information, you will also need to agree with the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

  • Save the information by pressing:

  • Finish the setup by pressing:

  • Now you will be able to access control units that are SFD protected.

How to check if the control unit is SFD protected?

In order to check if the control unit is SFD protected or not, open the control unit -> live data, and search for SFD.

If you are able to find "SFD activated status", it means that the control unit is SFD protected.

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