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The One-Click App is a prepared function to enable or disable the car functions. The number of One-Click Apps for your vehicle depends on the car equipment.

Follow the steps on how to use the One-Click App:

  • First, connect the device to the vehicle OBD port and by pressing

    "Connect" you will be able to connect to your car.

  • Press


  • You are now on the list of one-click applications. By pressing

    you can open the one-click application you want.

  • Once you open the one-click application you will be able to change the values of it by pressing

    . As in the demonstration screenshot, you can see that the selected language is English.

  • You can choose the language you want and by pressing

    you can apply the changes and the language is now changed into German.

    Sometimes, you can get a message "Not supported" when you are trying to use a

    One-Click Apps. The explanation is that for safety reasons the one-click app is checking the values of the car control modules and if something does not meet the requirements, the app shows the message "Not supported".

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