Live data UDS
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This function reads all sorts of data from the control unit in real-time. You can also access the gathered data offline. Follow the instructions to access it:

  • Connect to your vehicle and open the list of control units by pressing


  • Select the needed control unit by

    tapping on it.

  • Open Live data by pressing


  • Enter

    the keyword to search for needed data.

  • Select the values you need.

  • Press

    "OK" button to display the information.

  • Or select the couple of data values directly from the list and press "OK" button.

  • You can also select all values at once by pressing

    and apply by pressing


  • Live data refresh rate depends on how many parameters are shown on the screen. If you select 1 live data parameter it will refresh 10 times per second, if it is showing 5 parameters refresh speed will be 2 times per second for each parameter. If you have selected 20 parameters but in the active screen you see just 4, this means that only these 4 parameters will be updated until it is visible.

  • You can add or remove values from the list by pressing


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