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Full backup Android

For OBDeleven VAG application

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A full backup will read all channels and coding values in all vehicle control units by storing them into backup. We recommend creating the backups of every control unit before making changes(It will help to restore the settings). Follow the instruction to access the function:

  • Connect to your vehicle by pressing


  • Select your vehicle by pressing on it


  • Select Full backup by pressing on it


  • You can enter the name of your backup (optional).

  • Start the full backup by pressing


  • The first line

    shows which control unit is currently selected.

  • The second line

    shows the progress of your backup.

  • Once the backup will be done, close the window by pressing


Where do I find my backup?

The backup will be stored in the history of your vehicle:

  • Open the vehicle menu and open history by tapping on it


  • You can find the long coding in here.

  • You can press on adaptations or live data and open to see each value.

How do I restore the old value?

  • Select the needed control unit in the backup, press, and hold on long coding to copy it.

  • Open the selected control unit -> select long coding -> press and hold on long coding and you will be able to paste the value from the backup to the control unit itself.

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