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What is freeze frame data?
What is freeze frame data?
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When the engine computer detects a fault and turns the fault light on, it also stores a freeze frame related to that fault. A freeze frame is snapshot of data from a number of sensors and components at the time when the fault was detected on VAG cars.

You can view this information to find the cause of the problem. It is also a legal requirement in some cases to capture and store emission-related information. This captured data is known as freeze frame data.

We use the word ‘freeze’ because this data is saved and frozen the moment.

What does freeze frame data show?

Different vehicles, faults, and control modules will have different freeze frame data available. You can usually expect date and time, mileage, fault priority, fault frequency, and reset the counter. In addition, some specific measurements of various sensors might be available:

Fault status - state of fault at the time of recording e.g. static, intermittent.

Fault priority - shows how serious is the fault (0 - 8)

0 - Undefined

1 - Fault with great influence on drivability, the vehicle should be stopped immediately

2 - Fault that requires an immediate visit to the workshop

3 - Fault that does not require an immediate visit to the workshop, but should be solved when possible

4 - Faults that require action to prevent possible further issues, the vehicle drivability may be limited in some cases

5 - Fault without influence on the vehicle drivability

6 - Fault with long-duration influence on the vehicle drivability

7 - The fault that has an influence on the comfort features, but not a drivability

8 - General

Fault frequency - shows how many times the fault has repeated itself on a different driving cycle.

Reset counter - shows how many fault-free driving cycles have to be completed before the fault can self-clear. This value is pre-assigned by the manufacturer.

How to enable/disable Freeze Frame data?

This function can be used only for PRO users and only on VAG cars. Open the application, press side menu -> settings -> scan settings -> select Include/Exclude.

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