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OBDeleven device

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OBDeleven is a compact, Bluetooth-enabled car diagnostics and customization tool for every driver. It connects to your car's OBD2 port and pairs with the mobile app to fully access all car systems through our cloud-based software.

The OBDeleven NextGen device works with all car brands with CAN-bus protocol (manufactured mainly from 2008), and is officially licensed by leading car manufacturers like Volkswagen Group, BMW Group, and Toyota Group.

Here's an illustration of possible OBD2 port locations:

OBD2 port locations

Key features include:


For all car brands

You can scan your vehicle's available systems (engine, transmission, and more – depending on your car model) and get a detailed list of fault codes, plus explanations of what they mean and what to do. If it's a minor issue, you can clear a fault yourself with a click on your mobile app.

Live Data

For Volkswagen Group (VAG) vehicles

OBDeleven can display real-time data from your car's sensors and systems – like engine speed, oil temperature, and more – giving you insights into the vehicle's performance.

One-Click Apps

For Volkswagen Group (VAG) and BMW Group vehicles

The OBDeleven mobile app offers an extensive library of pre-coded applications called One-Click Apps. You can use them to make various modifications and changes to your car. These apps are created and shared by the OBDeleven team to make the adjustment of your vehicle simple. Credits are required to activate these apps. Currently available for VAG and BMW Group vehicles.

VAG Coding

For Volkswagen Group (VAG) vehicles

Drivers can also enjoy advanced configuration capabilities through coding and adaptations. It's possible to modify and customize various features like adjusting lighting settings, enabling or disabling certain functions, and more. Plus, calibrating sensors or adjusting certain parameters. This feature is perfect for experienced car enthusiasts who love to get to the bottom of their vehicles.

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