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What is Basic OBD2 Diagnostics and how does it work?
What is Basic OBD2 Diagnostics and how does it work?
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OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics Second Generation) is the latest standard, introduced in 1994, that allows communication with vehicle control units. This standard has been used to monitor vehicle performance and track global emissions.

OBDeleven’s Basic OBD2 Diagnostics feature enables all car brands that support the CAN-bus protocol (typically vehicles manufactured after 2008) to diagnose engine-related problems, identify important issues, and clear faults quickly and easily.

When you scan your vehicle, each fault code identified has a dedicated Google button that leads to a more detailed explanation of the fault code.

How to use Basic OBD2 Diagnostics

  1. Download the OBDeleven mobile app from the Google Play Store, App Store, or AppGallery

  2. Create an OBDeleven account

  3. Plug the NextGen device into the OBD2 port in your vehicle

  4. Connect the device with the OBDeleven mobile app. Note: If connecting your car for the first time isn't successful, enter your VIN number manually.

  5. Scan, diagnose, and read faults whenever you need

OBD2 Diagnostics is available with FREE plan, so you don't need to spend extra after purchasing your OBDeleven NextGen device.

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