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Getting started with OBDeleven
Does OBDeleven support my vehicle?
Does OBDeleven support my vehicle?

What brands does OBDeleven support?

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The OBDeleven VAG mobile application fully supports all* VAG group vehicles:

  • AUDI*


  • ŠKODA*

  • SEAT*

  • CUPRA*



*Manufactured after 1991 **Manufactured after 2011

Click HERE to find all the supported models.

The OBDeleven mobile application additionally supports:

  • BMW (F, G, I-series, and E series from 2008 and newer);

  • MINI (F-series, R from 2008 and newer);

  • Select Rolls-Royce models;

  • Toyota*;

  • Lexus*;

  • Basic OBD2 Diagnostics for all cars supporting the CAN-bus protocol, such as Ford, Mercedes, etc. You can read more about Basic OBD2 Diagnostics and how it works HERE.

*Mainly supported from 2008.

You can read more information HERE.

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