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What is the OBDeleven device?
What is the OBDeleven device?
OBDeleven device
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The OBDeleven device is a small Bluetooth tool granting you additional vehicle access.

The device connects to the OBD2 diagnostic socket that is usually easily accessible under the steering wheel depending on the car model.

Once the device is connected you have full control of your vehicle.

  • NextGen OBDeleven device parameters: Connection: Bluetooth Supported diagnostics protocols: KKL, CAN, and CAN-UDS Protection: password secured connection Size: 41 x 33 x 24 mm Voltage: 9 - 16 V C Input Current: 45 mA

    This device allows you to do: Diagnostics Code reading Clearing faults Use One-Click Apps AND MANY MORE FEATURES!

We have two types of devices.

The main difference between them is that the Next Generation (Black) suits iOS, Android, and Huawei operating systems, meanwhile, the First Generation (White) is just for Android and VAG group vehicles only.

Next Generation advantages:

  • Includes ALL of the First Generation device features.

  • It is also a bit faster hardware that will shorten your waiting times.

  • It will support more vehicle brands in the future.

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