If you have the code for the VAG PRO plan or the credits voucher that you have purchased from the OBDeleven.com website, so you can follow the steps below on how to redeem your code:

  • Enter your OBDeleven application email and the password and sign in by pressing

    . (If you are having issues on how to sign in, click here).

  • In the marked zone

    , you can enter your VAG PRO code or the credits code.

  • Your user email and user name are marked as


  • The amount of credits in your user account is marked as


  • Once you enter the code, you will be able to see what will you get by redeeming the code in the marked zone


  • You can redeem the code by pressing


  • Once you redeem the code, it will be instantly added to your OBDeleven application user account.

  • In the marked zone

    you will see that you have more credits and if you will have the license of VAG PRO, you will see the

    icon near your OBDeleven user name.

  • Finish the process by pressing

    . Now you can go to your OBDeleven application and you will have your credits/VAG PRO.

    You can also check our video on YouTube

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