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Security access
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The security access function should be used on some (but not all) control units, before you start to code or change adaptation values. The security access "enables" certain features like cruise control. To access the function follow the instructions:

  • Press the button

    to open control units' list.

  • Select the needed control unit by

    tapping on it.

  • Press

    "Security access" button.

The use of Security Access:

  • Enter

    the login code. Valid login codes can be found in the factory repair manual for your car (don't ask us for it). Login code is 5 digits code in range 00000-65535. (Control units with KWP2000 and UDS protocols can use a larger range than it is provided in the application, up to ten digits).

  • Press

    "SEARCH" to start the login search (To start search you must enter at least one valid code. By using the "Search" function you can find out all available login codes of the selected control unit. Search procedure can be terminated at any time and next time you begin with the same progress as you have finished before).

  • The scan has been

    started. The remaining time of the scan will be calculated.

  • OBDeleven provides

    choices that were entered by other users. Some of the login codes are individual for the control unit and for this reason provided logins could be refused by your car.

  • Enter

    the login code (After three incorrect tries to enter the login, control unit will be locked up for up to twenty minutes).

  • To accept the login code press

    "OK" button.

    It also must be noted that every time you enter a correct code the security access counter is reset. The timer may pass differently if the car is not in ignition.

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