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The "Garage" displays the list of the cars that were connected with a user account.

  • In order to add the vehicle to your garage, you will need to connect to the vehicle by pressing

  • Once you will connect to your vehicle it will appear in your garage.

  • There is an unlimited number of vehicles that you can add to your garage.

  • If you have more vehicles, you can use the search function by pressing

  • You can sort your vehicles by pressing

  • You can also add more vehicles to your garage by connecting directly to them.

How do I delete a vehicle from the garage?

  • Swipe with the finger to the left on the vehicle you want to remove and then the remove message will appear.

  • Apply the removal of the vehicle by pressing "REMOVE".

Tips: If you have removed your vehicle from your garage, you can connect to it again and all the history will be available again. If you have selected the wrong vehicle base, you will need to contact Customer Support by providing the correct model and it will be changed.

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