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How to connect my vehicle to the OBDeleven mobile app?
How to connect my vehicle to the OBDeleven mobile app?
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First, you'll need to download the mobile app from the app store (OBDeleven VAG for Volkswagen Group vehicles, OBDeleven – for all other brands, including BMW and Toyota) and create your account.

Then, click "Connect" on your Home screen.

Plug the OBDeleven device into the OBD2 port and select it from the list. Make sure the Bluetooth is on.

The blue icon next to the device means that Bluetooth is in the needed range zone to connect with the vehicle, while the grey one signifies the Bluetooth device is not within range.

Note: If you're having issues connecting to your vehicle, refer to this article.

When you connect the OBDeleven device for the first time, you'll be asked to create a password.

Input your preferred password and tap "Enter."

Wait a few moments till the connection is completed.

When it's connected, you'll see "Tap to scan" on your Home screen.

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