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What is the OBDeleven PRO VAG PLAN?
What is the OBDeleven PRO VAG PLAN?
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The PRO VAG plan grants 12 months of access to advanced OBDeleven features:

  • Coding / Long coding

  • Coding II (iOS in development)

  • Sub control units coding

  • Diagnostic service change

  • Control unit reset (UDS)

  • Login finder (iOS in development)

  • Security access

  • Security database

  • Adaptation / Long adaptation

  • Trouble code Freeze frame

  • Basic settings

  • Gateway auto code (iOS in development)

  • Gateway installation list coding

  • Coding/Long coding/Adaptation labels development (iOS in development)

  • Live data labels development (iOS in development) (only available on non UDS control units)

  • Control unit backup

  • EEPROM (iOS in development)

One-Click Applications require additional in-app purchase.

How do I cancel my plan subscription?

If you haven't used any feature from your subscription PLAN, you can return it within 30 days after purchase. If you have used at least one feature, there is no possibility to return the PLAN.

How long is the plan code valid?

If the code was not activated, it is valid for 12 months after purchase.

How do I know if my subscription PLAN is active?

Check on your profile.

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