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What is the OBDeleven ULTIMATE VAG Plan?
What is the OBDeleven ULTIMATE VAG Plan?
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Ultimate VAG PLAN - 1-year account plan granting access to OBDeleven features, such as:

● All PRO VAG plan features

● Unlimited access to One-Click Apps

● Raw Data

● OCA Builder (software with an ability to create own One-Click Apps)

What is Raw data?

It is Raw function data (material) for the creation of One-Click-Apps. It enables viewing extended Raw data such as Adaptation and Basic Setting IDs (Identification Numbers) and others.

What is an OCA builder?

Using this tool you can develop One-Click-Apps using most functions you would be able to access manually when using OBDeleven - such as Coding, Long Coding, Adaptations, Basic Settings, Service Change, Reset and many others.

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