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Car history display the changes which were done with the car as Gateway coding, Coding, Long coding, Adaptation, Basic settings, Coding II, Diagnostic session, App, Backup, Fault, Full scan. To access this function follow the instruction (The history is saved to OBDeleven system and to access it the internet connection is required):

  • Connect to your vehicle by pressing


  • NOTE: the history could be accessed being connected or not connected to the vehicle. The important requirement is to be logged in with the user account.

  • Open your vehicle section by pressing


  • If you are not connected, open the garage and select your vehicle.

  • Open history by pressing


  • There are displayed changes which were done with the vehicle.

  • Open the filter menu by pressing


  • You can send the logs in .txt format by pressing


  • Once you open the filter menu, you can choose from the list what functions are you willing to see in your history, you can swipe up or down for more selections. Confirm by pressing


  • Once you press

    you will be able to choose how do you want to send the history.

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