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Why can't I see One-Click Apps when I connect my BMW?
Why can't I see One-Click Apps when I connect my BMW?
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When you connect the OBDeleven NextGen device to your BMW, it will only display One-Click Apps that are compatible with your vehicle.

By checking our One-Click Apps on the Supported vehicles page, you might find more One-Click Apps listed. However, available One-Click Apps depend on your vehicle's equipment. If you can't see a specific app when you connect your BMW, it means that your car model doesn't support that particular app yet.

Important notes:

  • After using One-Click Apps, you may notice some faults appearing on your vehicle's dashboard or multimedia system. This is completely normal. Simply turn the ignition off and on again, and the faults should disappear.

  • Using One-Click Apps related to your vehicle's dashboard may reset the time on your dashboard. You'll need to set it again manually.

If you're experiencing issues or have questions related to our One-Click Apps, contact our Customer Support directly via your mobile app or chat here.

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