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Common questions for our new users

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What is the OBDeleven device?
Where can I buy OBDeleven Device?
Does OBDeleven Support my Vehicle?
Which device do I need? What is the difference between devices, PRO and ULTIMATE packs?
What are Credits and Where Can I Use Them?
How to activate the PRO VAG plan, ULTIMATE VAG plan, or credits from the code?
What One-Click Apps does my vehicle support?
I have lost my 2-factor authenticator (2FA) backup code, what do I do?
Do I Need the VAG PRO Version?
What Android/iOS versions are needed to use OBDeleven?
What is the order ID?
What Are the Working Hours of the Customer Support Team?
Issues connecting to the vehicle. How to resolve this?
Can I use third-party OBD2 devices with an OBDeleven application?
Can I use the PRO/Ultimate VAG activation code with different user accounts?
I can't log in using the user account of the website on the dashboard platform.
I did not get VAG PRO or VAG ULTIMATE plan With the Next Generation Device
Is the same user account available on the OBDeleven web page as well as on mobile apps (Android, iOS, Huawei)?
What is the auto code gateway list?
Are there any Discounts I can get?
What is OBDeleven affiliate program?
Does the company work in compliance with ISO standards?
Does OBDeleven use AI?
Who is CAN?
Which features will work in my country?
Does OBDeleven work with VAG vehicles manufactured from 2024?