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The adaptation function allows you to edit/change certain values or settings in control modules. To access this function follow the instructions:

  • Press the button

    to open control units list.

  • Select the needed control unit by

    tapping on it.

  • Press

    "Adaptation" button.

The use of adaptation:

  • enter the channel and press "OK" (channel 00 has some special functionality. By saving the value 0 in channel 00 it resets all adaptation values to their original factory defaults. This only works in the control units that support this function. To find out if this procedure applies to the control unit in your vehicle check your factory repair manual).

  • enter valid login code and press "OK" (Sometimes channels can be locked. To unlock channel logins are required. Some of the engine and immobilizer control units will require a valid login before permitting you to write a new adaptation values. More information HERE

  • The application will require to enter the channel again. Enter the channel and press "OK".

  • shows the values of selected channel. If values doesn't exist they will not be shown.

  • the current adaptation value of selected channel.

  • the place to enter the new value of selected channel.

  • the description of the channel. To know how to add the description press HERE

  • enter the new value.

  • Press

    to accept the changes.

  • Press

    buttons to scroll via the channels (The right arrow to the right side and left arrow to the left side).

  • Some of channels can display the message

    "(31) Function not available". It means the channel isn't accessible in the control unit, also, the accessibility of channels depends on coding and adaptation values in other channels.

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