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The adaptation function allows you to edit/change certain values or settings in control modules. To access this function follow the instruction:

  • Connect to your vehicle by pressing


  • Open the list of control units by pressing


  • Select the needed control unit by tapping on it


  • Open Adaptations by pressing


  • You will see in the marked zone

    selected channel "003". Each control unit has channels from "000" to "255". You can change the channel by swiping to the left or right on the channel number. (channel 00 has some special functionality. By saving the value 0 in channel 00, it resets all adaptation values to their original factory defaults. This only works in the control units that support this function. To find out if this procedure applies the control unit in your vehicle, check your factory repair manual).

  • You can enter channel number by pressing


  • Marked channel name.

  • In the marked zone

    , you will find the values of the selected channel. In this case, values 1 and 4 shows "NOT AVAILABLE" which means that these values do not exist in this channel. The current channel has only 2 values (inspection service and oil service).

  • You can find a description of each channel. But not every channel has its own descriptions. Description data are provided by other users and may be inaccurate.

  • Some channels can display the message "(31) Function not available". It means the channel isn't accessible in the control unit, also, the accessibility of channels depends on coding and adaptation values in other channels.

  • Sometimes channels can be locked. To unlock the channel logins are required. For more information click HERE.

Follow the steps on how to change the values:

  • Open the value section by pressing


  • Enter the value by pressing


  • Test the value by pressing

    . You will need to test the value before using it. If the value will meet the requirements you will get the notification about success.

  • Swipe to the right

    and you will apply the changes.

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