Adaptations UDS
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The adaptation function allows you to edit/change certain values or settings in control modules. To access this function follow the instruction:

  • Connect to your vehicle by pressing


  • Open the list of control units by pressing


  • Select the needed control unit by tapping on it


  • Open Adaptations by pressing


  • Enter the keyword in the search

    and the application will search for results by the keyword.

  • You can select the needed Adaptation from the list by tapping on it


  • Open the value by pressing


  • Select the needed value by tapping on it

    . (Sometimes you can get input dialog where you will be required to enter your own value).

  • Slide to the right

    in order to apply the changes.

  • Sometimes the control unit can reject a new adaptation value, it is normal and means that the vehicle doesn't support this change.

  • Some adaptations may require entering a security access code before it accepts a new value. Click HERE for more information.

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