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How can I reset my device's 6-digit PIN?
How can I reset my device's 6-digit PIN?
Written by Monika
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Every device comes with its own 6-digit PIN to ensure security. You'll set up your PIN the first time you connect the device to your mobile app.

If you forgot your PIN, tap on the "Forgot PIN?" button. Here's how it looks on iOS:

And here's on Android:

The PIN will be sent to the email associated with your OBDeleven account.

Can't access email or haven't received PIN?

If you can't access your email or haven't received your PIN, contact our Customer Support via live chat on our website or directly through the mobile app. You'll need to provide:

  • Your purchase invoice or order ID

  • Email of your OBDeleven account

To contact us on the mobile app, click "Other."

Then, go to "Help" section.

Finally, open the chat by clicking "Send us a message."

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