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The Output Tests function is used to test a control module's electrical outputs (and the wiring that connects it to the various devices). To access function follow the instructions:

  • Press the button

    to open control units' list.

  • Select the needed control unit by

    tapping on it.

  • Press

    "Output test" button

  • Select

    the output directly from the list.

  • Enter

    the keyword to find the output.

  • Select

    the actuation time.

  • Select

    the start parameter.

  • Press

    button to start output test.

  • Press

    button to stop the output test.


Do not use the output test function on any system while the car is in motion. Running output test on the ABS brake system can temporarily disable the brakes entirely and cause individual wheels to lock and unlock.

We suggest you refer to the factory repair manual for your specific car before running an output test on any control module so you will know what to expect.

Running output test on the airbag control unit can lead to unexpected results such as a vehicle not starting. Running output test is supposed to make the airbag controller generate a simulated crash signal to the rest of the systems in the vehicle so that unlocks itself and shuts various things OFF.

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