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Do I need a PRO VAG or ULTIMATE VAG plan?
Do I need a PRO VAG or ULTIMATE VAG plan?
Written by Monika
Updated over a week ago

The PRO VAG and ULTIMATE VAG plans are exclusively for Volkswagen Group (VAG) vehicle owners. If you own a VAG vehicle, the plan you choose depends on the features you’ll use.

If you're going to use more advanced VAG coding features, you'll need a PRO VAG or ULTIMATE VAG plan. PRO VAG unlocks coding and adaptations, while ULTIMATE VAG includes all PRO VAG plus allows you to access unlimited free One-Click Apps or even build your own – just keep in mind programming expertise is required.

Diagnostics is available with a FREE plan that comes with every OBDeleven NextGen device. You can also buy Credits – our in-app currency required for activating One-Click Apps – separately, so the subscription isn't necessary.

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